The One Thing Every PR Professional Needs to Keep on Their Desktop

by Samantha Simon

I might be the messiest person in the world — just stop by my desk and see how many 6-month-old newspaper clippings are sitting there because “I’m going to read them one day.” But no matter how messy my desk looks, even I can keep an organized folder with an up-to-date collection of accomplishments that I can whip out at the right moment. When the time comes to ask for a promotion, throw yourself a lifeline, brief clients on what you’ve done for them lately or simply to quickly update your resume, there should be one place on your computer you can hit up: your Brag Folder.

This folder can include praise from your co-workers and clients in the form of emails, completed projects, wrap-ups and recent coverage you secured. Quite literally, everything in this folder should be brag-worthy.

Kara Beussink over at career guidance website, The Muse writes, “Even if every compliment or activity isn’t necessarily resume-worthy, scrolling through a folder full of flattering messages may get your gears turning on other achievements. Plus, knowing there’s one place to look makes the entire process feel much less daunting.” Browsing through this folder can be a nice motivator and self esteem booster, which we all need sometimes. Even better, it keeps all your accomplishments in one spot so it’s all in front of you, no digging or private investigator needed.

Is it narcissistic? Um, yeah. But in the workplace (and in life, if you really want to get philosophical) YOU are your biggest advocate.
If you’re looking for advice on how to organize your Brag Folder, call up Marie Kondo she wrote a whole book on organization and personifying socks. If you need me I’ll be over here, stitching my newspaper collection into a quilt.