How the Coaction Girls Jump Into Spring

With warmer days not too far ahead, we thought we'd share our rituals for preparing for a new season. 

Stephanie Fields Brown, Account Supervisor

Photo: Stephanie Fields Brown

Photo: Stephanie Fields Brown

"In high school I worked for a huge greenhouse and landscaping company. To this day it’s my most favorite job I’ve ever had (sorry, Coaction). There would often be leftover perennials that no one wanted to buy because they were malnourished and just kind of ugly. So I made a habit of rescuing them and planting them at home. As a result, my mom and I had some beautiful perennial gardens!

It’s been over a decade since I’ve had access to a real garden, but this is the second spring that I’ve had my very own roof deck. I always keep lots of houseplants and I usually start some seeds on my windowsill to keep throughout the summer, but this is the second year in a row that I can go GANGBUSTERS on the roof with real plants! It’s my new ritual! I like to plant mostly flowering plants and a few herbs. No veggies though, this is strictly aesthetic. ;) I like to lounge among the beauty, it’s like my own little paradise as the F train barrels on by. In the next two weeks, I’ll be making a trip to my local nursery to pick up an assortment of annuals to scatter among my existing perennials — assuming they decide to come back this year. I just checked on them and so far everything is looking good."

Colleen Jezersek, Company President

Photos: Ikea

“Back in the day when I was a living in the suburbs my spring ritual would be cleaning up the veggie garden and prepping it for the new growing season.  Fresh Jersey tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and even corn all grew in our backyard.  Now that I’m a city-dweller living in an apartment I need to make the most of my small balcony.  Today, my garden consists of a variety of herbs that are easy to grow and care for.  There’s nothing like the flavor of fresh basil, parsley, sage or thyme added to our favorite meals or smoothies.  I just read about a new Hydroponic Gardening Kit from IKEA, I might need to jump on the ferry and visit the Brooklyn location – sounds like the perfect apartment herb garden!”

Alanna Kramer, Assistant Account Executive

Photos: The Container Store, Amazon, All Modern

"Spring is my all-time favorite season mainly because my birthday falls right smack in the middle of it — yay for turning 24 this year!

My spring ritual is actually pretty basic but it is a tradition in my family. It is the classic switch from winter to spring/summer clothes. It is so nice to pack up those bulky sweaters and heavy boots and take out spring dresses and light weight items! Every year my dad would go up to the attic to retrieve our storage containers for my family and I. It was a nice time to just open up the windows play some music and prepare for the Spring Season.

This year will be different as I have moved out of my house and now live in my own apartment with well no attic and barely any storage. As a result,  I currently clutter my closet and draws with winter and summer garments — it’s a seasonal mess! This spring, I'm on a mission to tactfully store my seasonally inappropriate belongings in some kind of under bed or wall mounted storage. Wish me luck! Any recommendations are greatly appreciated ;)"

Claire Femiani, Accounts Director

"After ending a relationship, I feel the need to refresh my life, starting with my home which is my sacred place. I consulted Apartment Therapy for a few tips on a cleansing ritual for my home. Here are the steps I plan on taking to turn over a new leaf. I’m looking forward to it!

  •  Clean and declutter my apartment. Apartment Therapy says, “Whether it's a new space or a reinvigorated space, make sure it's clean and free of clutter so that the energy can move freely around.”
  • Create new intentions for my year ahead; what do I want and what I want to accomplish in my life.
  • Burn sage in each room. The ritual of burning sage will help clear any negative energies in my home and start anew.
  • Allow the energy to circulate by opening all the windows. With the shades up and windows open, I can let the new begin!

Namaste, y'all!"

Samantha Simon, Assistant Account Executive

Photo: One Kings Lane

Photo: One Kings Lane

"I'm one of those secretly messy people who look like they have it all together on the surface but behind the curtains, they're a wreck. At least I hope I give off an air of being put together (I probably don't). That being said, I don't have a spring ritual but I'm hoping to make a new one this year. 

I've been thinking a lot about Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up — without even having read it. She's all about decluttering, purging and treating the belongings you do decide to keep as if they were animate. I got the gist of it from numerous articles like this one from One Kings Lane

Living in a tiny 'one bedroom' that is actually the size of a studio with my boyfriend, Kondo's philosophy is something that could save my life/sanity. I'm constantly trying to think of new ways to maximize space like hanging pots and pans on the wall and committing to a loft bed. Currently, I have six garbage bags filled with the contents of my purge that I need to take to Goodwill, and I know I'm just getting started. So, who's driving?"

What spring ritual officially signals spring time to you? Share yours in the comments!