What we're digesting

Colleen, President and Founder, @ColleenJez

Eating….Fried Chicken – I had both Blue Ribbon and Root & Bone last week.  I’m pretty fussy about my fried chicken and I’m on a quest for the perfect piece! Any recommendations? 

Playing….Trivia at my favorite little Seaport dive, Cowgirl Seahorse.  Trivia wouldn’t be complete without their awesome blackened fish tacos and a refreshing Lagunitas IPA.

 Alanna Kramer, Intern, @AlannaSabrina

Dreaming of... Grilled cheese. With Grilled Cheese Month officially upon us, I have been on the search for the best grilled cheese recipes. Here are a few recipes that inspired me to create some ooey gooey greatness:

Brie Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese from I Want Crazy

Taco Grilled Cheese from Closet Cooking

Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese from Cherished Bliss

Classic Grilled Cheese from i am a food blog

And check out this article from Mental Floss on the secret guide to great grilled cheese. Some of these simple but great tricks helped me upgrade my grilled cheese making skills.

Claire Femiani, Account Supervisor, @ClaireFem

Daydreaming about... Donuts! Especially after listening to Sporkful’s podcast, Donuts Old School, Donuts New, Donuts Glazed, Donuts Blue.  Donuts in my mouth!  I’m a simple glazed donut kind of girl.

Eating... Last week I dined at the Husk One Night Dinner Series at Momofuku Ssam Bar (see if you can spot me chowing down!). The best bite I had was a benne cracker with Sweet Valley Tennessee cheddar pimento cheese, Benton’s bacon jam and West Virginia ramp pickle.  Amazing. 

Stephanie Fields, Social Media Strategist, @StephLFields

Reading... “Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future” by Rohit Bhargava. The one thing that stands out is the idea of “Glanceable Content” as a trend.  As a direct reaction to our population’s shrinking attention spans, we as communicators need to come up with even better headlines and social posts than ever before!

Baking... I’m a novice baker, but I’m upping my game with my new Kitchen Aid mixer and the fact that I’m tasked with baking my own wedding cake!  I made Molly Yeh's peanut butter chocolate sprinkle cake and then she actually came to my house and coached me on decorating it last week! I'm so excited for my wedding but I think I might be more excited to eat this cake...

Sam, Assistant Account Executive, @saddthai

Eating... hot dogs and pizza. Please don't tell my trainer!!!! It was finally warm enough for a barbecue over the weekend so my boyfriend and I brought these snappy, long hot dogs and sauerkraut from Greene Grape to our friends' rooftop. Monday I caught up with friends at Emily. We had a pizza with maple syrup, pecans, and Benton's ham and I still don't know how to feel. I think I need to eat more pizza and do some soul searching.

Lastly, we are all loving our new office in the Financial District. It's a real change of pace and scenery  (and smell) from Times Square. We have yet to really explore so please send all your recommendations for beautiful views, happy hours, lunch, etc. our way!