Coaction PR is a full service public relations agency based in New York City. We are constantly on the alert for ways to help our clients’ products make news: spotting emerging trends, taking advantage of seasonal story angles, harnessing the power of social media, and keeping the buzz alive by pitching to print, online, and broadcast media.



Media Relations- Coaction Public Relations designs and implements results-driven public relations campaigns that are carefully tailored to each of our clients. We capitalize on a mix of traditional and non-traditional media coverage in order to effectively communicate our clients' message and garner a range of local, regional and national exposure.

New Media- Coaction Public Relations places heavy importance on combining traditional media coverage with cutting-edge new media strategy. We’ll work to develop and manage a social media strategy that suits each brand’s needs and audience.  From content creation to contest execution we have a track record of successful and meaningful online engagement. We believe in the power of online communities and have worked successfully to tap into them to generate genuine brand loyalty and buzz. 

Special Event Development & Execution- From consumer events such as in-store cooking demonstrations and festival participation (Aspen Food and Wine Classic, Cook It Raw, etc.) to national media events and product launches, Coaction Public Relations is well versed a multitude of event productions.